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Looking to God

The whole world has gone crazy. One day, I’m everyone’s best friend. The next day, I belong in an insane asylum. Call me unconventional. Do you know how I got these scars?

The Joker The Joker

I robbed a bank. Everyone thought I was crazy then, too. But I’m not the guy who walks around without any spare change in his pocket. The jingle you hear are the knives hitting against each other. Everything has a price.

What’s a guy gotta do to get a laugh around here? Did you know if I slice someone’s jugular no one would turn around, but if I were to kick a dog on the street everyone would think I’m cruel. You know what’s cruel? Having fancy toys and not sharing them with anyone. The Bat Man is the one you should be after. He’s a selfish human being. I may not look pleasant, but I don’t have…

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Jurassic World – The Review

After 20 years of trying The Park/World is now open for business. But is it worth a viewing.

In short I would say a definite yes. Is it as good as the original, as with most sequels (Empire Strikes Back, T2 & Godfather2 aside) it is not. Also could it live without the original, again it could not. But that is part of the charm (If that is indeed the right word) of Jurassic World. It knows that it is following on from a ground breaking film in Jurassic Park. It references it all the way through the film. But I do not feel it weaker for it.

So to the film itself. I must say it was very enjoyable, but it definitely stretched the 12 rating to its max. Also it needs to be remembered that this is 12 BBFC rated not 12A (which allows 8 or above with parents). So you need to be at least 12 to view it and it certainly has its scary and thrilling moments. This is not a Spielberg movie so to speak (although executively produced, which basically means he is just putting his name to it), it is directed by Colin Trevorrow. His only previous non tv movie is ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’. So a big ask, for such a big budget movie.

The Park/World has now been open for quite a few years and to keep people coming in through the doors, they need scarier dinosaurs. So enter stage left the ‘Indominus Rex’ (A truly scary creation), a bigger T-Tex with a few added features. What the scientist/owners should have asked themselves is should we be creating this dinosaur (Or in this case monster). Just because you can create something it does not mean that you should.

You can probably guess that yes Indominus escapes, then as expected, the ensuing mayhem its escape creates. As in all sequels the body is always much larger than the original. Plus not quite so clever, but it does ask questions. This is not a ground breaking movie and not one that will stretch the imagination. But it does what it does very well.

So to the cast the leads are Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village & Richie Cunningham’s (Ron Howard) daughter), both are very good leads and have very good chemistry. It would not be a Jurassic film without a couple of youngsters though and they are Claire’s (Dallas Howard’s) nephews. Both very well played by Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson and both appear to have good future career’s.

Although this not a movie for those with a young family. It is definitely a movie that all will want to watch for odd thrill and scare. I know it scared the lady next to me. This a very good entry in the Jurassic saga and I am sure off the back of it there will be more on the way.

Verdict 7.5/10 – The Indominus Rex is worth the entry fee alone.

The Impossible (2012) – Review

I watched this (The Impossible) last night. It was a film I had been meaning to watch for a while. But you know the deal, ‘I had just not got round to it’.

It is the tale of a British family of 5 caught up in the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. Not going to worry to much about spoilers as it is a true life story and anyone who does not know what happened probably will not be watching this film anyway.

We start off as you might expect the family is on their way to Thailand for a holiday of a lifetime. Unfortunately, for them and everyone else by the coast, they were hit by the worst recorded Tsunami in living history.

The film does not try and look to much at the wider problems caused by the tsunami, but the cinematographer does pan out every so often to show you the scale of the destruction. Instead it homes in mainly on the family and their struggles to survive and find out if other members of their family have also survived.

You do see member(s) of family and their interactions with other people. It shows how good and not so people can be at times of tragedy.

The film does not try to be anything other than a true to life disaster film and in my opinion it does this very well. I do not know how accurate it is to the actual families experiences during the Tsunami. But I thought all the parts were extremely well played by the leads (McGregor & Watts), but I thought the standout performance was by young Tom Holland (playing oldest son Lucas). He is a definite star of the future in my opinion.

So should you watch this? I would say yes. It is not an easy watch as you know this actually happened. This was a proper Tsunami, not what you get in normal Hollywood blockbusters i.e. 200 Foot monster Tsunami’s that would never happen. But it is real as is the anguish and hurt caused. To me it feels a bit like Schindlers List in that it is an excellent film. But I would probably only watch it once due to the content. But I would definitely say watch it at least once.

Verdict – 8/10 – Very Good film. Not an easy watch. But definitely worth a watch.

Avengers – Age of Ultron – The Review

So I saw the new Avengers film at the weekend. But was it any good. I won’t include any spoilers, so feel free to read on 😉

I think that it has taken me until Thursday to write the review means it was probably not as good as I felt it could have been. However, it was still a very good film and worth watching in the cinema for sure.

I absolutely loved Avengers Assemble. It was witty and had action at the right times, whilst still finding time to build the characters. Even if the ending was a bit OTT. But then it is that kind of movie so you accept it. Age of Ulton, definitely tries to be bigger. More characters, the Scarlet Witch (particularly well played by Elizabeth Olson as one of the Maximoff twins), bigger explosions etc. Basically a typical sequel.

So what’s it all about without spoiling the content. The Avengers have now become a united band and it appears all happy in one another’s company. They have saved the world, but they (particularly Stark), want to make it safer and even mean there is no longer a need for the avengers. So this leads to the creation of Ultron a foe without boundaries, someone or thing that wants what is best for humanity, but in their own warped view of it. During the film the avengers are pushed like never before mentally and physically. How will they cope? That’s for you to find out when/if you decide to watch it.

There is a lot of laughs to be had with the (excellent) cast as per the previous film reacting well off each other. Ultron (voiced by James Spader) was menacing and what you want in a bad guy. However, I think one of its problems is the fact that it is a middle act and I think it suffers a bit from that. We gain a few new avengers and it looks like a couple will be lost for the next film in the franchise. Though the door is not fully closed on them either.

So should you go and watch it. Personally, if you are into the marvel franchise and love the films then a definite yes. If you did not like the last one there is nothing new here that will tempt you.

Verdict – 7/10 – Very Good fun film for most of the family

Top 20 Movies – The Results

So the Top 20 as voted by HOF IT is :-

Rank Film Title Total Times Voted Total * Times Voted
1 The Matrix 106 9 954
2 Pulp Fiction 110 8 880
3 Shawshank Redemption 105 6 630
4 The Dark Knight 87 7 609
5 Star Wars – ANH 92 6 552
6 Aliens 74 7 518
7 Gladiator 69 6 414
8 Top Gun 74 5 370
9 Terminator 2 58 6 348
10 Inception 58 5 290
11 The Godfather Part 1 57 4 228
11 LOTR – ROTK 57 4 228
13 LOTR – TT 55 4 220
14 GoodFellas 45 4 180
15 Raiders of the Lost Ark 46 3 138
16 Scarface 45 3 135
17 Apocalypse Now 44 3 132
18 Reservoir Dogs 32 4 128
19 Kill Bill (Vol1) 31 4 124
20 Platoon 28 4 112